TROY – 30 years of Die Fantastischen Vier  

Retrospektive at StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart

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TROY – 30 years of Die Fantastischen Vier

Retrospektive at StadtPalais – Museum for Stuttgart

"TROY – 30 Years of Die Fantastischen Vier" is the name of a special exhibition hosted at the StadtPalais Stuttgart. And it’s under this banner that the pioneers of German hip hop are returning to their Swabian roots. Developed in close collaboration with the four artists themselves, the resulting exhibition combines a retrospective of Fanta4's work with scenographic installations of select pieces.

The exhibition begins at the exact place where the history of Die Fantastischen Vier itself began: In the childhood bedroom of And.Ypsilon. The first in five dioramas, crafted with help from the artist himself, creates the ultimate Die Fantastischen Vier vibe – the perfect prelude to the chronological and theatrical exhibition still to come.

The centerpiece of the exhibition derives its shape from a further four dioramas – inspired by four famous music pieces created by the band: »Die Da!«, »Mit freundlichen Grüßen«, »Tag am Meer« and »Sie ist weg«. The visitor can enter each one by stepping into a vibrant painting positioned as if on display in a gallery. On the other side four immersive worlds await. The interactive nature of each diorama naturally makes the visitor part of the artwork whilst creating a totally personalized experience at the same time.

In stark contrast to the artistic drama inside the dioramas, outside they are deliberately not decorated—staged instead to appear as backdrops. Together with their surrounding exhibition space and exhibits, an interesting dichotomy is created between the museum effect on the outside and the artistic, immersive diorama experience on the inside.


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Jens Lyncker